Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"Striker The Rodan" Offers Common Sense re: Bozo!

[Note: This posting from was just so commonsensical we decided to repost it here even though the identity of the author is unknown to any of the members of this blog team.]

This nugget from the post:

[John Dean's paranoid spy vs. spy lifestyle is a cautionary tale.]

"Because in the end you will become what you hate,and discover John Dean's life is now your own life.

Trust will then be impossible for you to reach with anyone.


Posted on Monday, February 07, 2005 - 04:58 pm:

I'm really quite amazed in a comical way at the extent John Dean has gone to in order to prove his point.

Its quite the amusement when you finally get to see someone waste all their time and valuable assets in order to expose a conspiracy so large and incriminating that it doesn't even exist.

I'll be first to note to this day that [there is] not a thing Bozos for Bush has uncovered is accurate or at all holds truth to it. Who is Keir Ansell again? Ask almost anyone and they scratch their heads. In the end though it is so widespread and disorienting that even other individuals can get caught up in its wake.

As we know from our contact with his spy associate, John Dean has always been like this and chased shadows or other things that looked wrong until finally it was such a joke nobody cared anymore. The extent of what he has done is an open laugh of the most ludicrous connections and plots you can name.

For whatever reason since the first time he stepped down, his agenda has been exposing vast right wing GOP plans and social security scams that seem to resonate close to home. He then concluded that every single person, the Jamboi, IAMREALITY, and other FableCrusader, Keir Ansell and whoever else could possibly be found, are all the same group the same person or possibly even worse--the same family of ultra demigods bent on taking over the whole planet.

I'm here to be the first voice of reason in this entire debacle: The vast conspiracy of associations is not there, nobody is the same, and no one was on some big disinformation campaign either. Every last individual here effectively wasted their entire time chasing after John Dean's shadows and his mistaken identities and IP addresses. Jamboi was possibly the only one in this room who did not follow him.

What it amounted to was nothing more than a laughing stock of paranoia, and he probably never once thought to check his so called friends at Common Ground and the other site. They never believed him even for an instant, and were actually laughing that he is piecing together such an amazing novel.

Wayne Madsen himself knows any disinformation if he comes across it and is able to vett out information on his own, he's a grown up. Everyone out there who may be well meaning is able to see whether something is disinformation or not, and can figure that out. Every time Madsen has been bothered by Bozos he just nods his head and agrees, as that is the only way he [Bozo] will stop talking to you. Just ask qbranch, who apparently learned the ropes from John Dean. He and his misguided cronies have gone ahead and wasted the time of more than 50 individuals on some kind of conspiracy game and a list of names which mean nothing.

One thing that does need to be cleared up, some of our researchers are not always correct. There is a great many instances when researchers from all sides are not correct or accurate on certain things. This is not always done lightly, but between the whole fold of us and Madsen we are able to publish exactly what the world needs to hear and that really sums the whole game up.

I'm going to say that my email probably gets Dean's paranoia probe going the one that I took over, but that is expected and its really for my own amusement. I've never wasted time on you John and I'm not about to now, just laugh at you. What I am here to present is the very real reality that q_branch for the last month or so you have been spun in circles on wild goose chases.

Now as to finally put the closer on this, most of what the teams have produced is already vetted and readable right on this page.

The website also has Madsen's personal blessing, our sourced research work and filtering out of any pieces that are not really relavant yet. All of it is compiled information which nobody doing the work has wasted their time on, because now they have actual documents to go back and on concrete read out names and dates. Read out people, places, and things the only parts skeptics care about. However, if everyone was like John Dean and spent their time chasing massive disinformation conspiracies that aren't even there, they would get nothing done at all.

Just something to chew on. Also in addition to the fact that alot of this now has legs to it, certain individuals who are contributing are now under attack so people have backup plans for any coming crisis. In the real world though, none of these people are apart of some conspiracy, most if not all are well meaning and in the end wish to do what is right like anyone else. It also happens to be what is right has to be taken cautiously, but without a whole onset of spy vs spy paranoia. Because in the end you will become what you hate, and discover John Dean's life is now your own life.

Trust will then be impossible for you to reach with anyone.

Striker the Rodan

AntiFascist replies to qbranch

AntiFascist said...

This is antifascist here and I thought I would clear up some of the misinformation posted or implied by qbranch at, since he seems to have "started a dialog" with me, and yet he has deleted my comment to his blog.

1.) I did not create the site, that is controlled by someone else. Sometimes the term "antifascism" is associated with communism, but I am not a communist myself, I am simply against fascism.

2.) I do not get paid for posting on any blogs or forums, but I am employed for other work which is not at all related to my political interests. I only post in my spare time, which has become less frequent lately.

3.) qbranch is correct in that I control , and I am also Antifascist at DU and at CGCS.

4.) I do participate in one of the yahoo groups that he is targeting, but I do not interact with any of the other members "face to face," nor do we have any financial interest together, which is what qbranch seems to imply in his blog and which would seem to be the primary purpose of his and Bozos' inquiry. As long as they continue to slander my ID on this point, I will continue to fight them.

5.) Since I felt that Andy Sornell's article was well-written and researched, this is why I requested that I repost it on my DailyKos site. I do not have any working relationship with Andy Sornell outside of the area of interest of his article.

6.) I do not go around "deleting my comments" from any blog or forum, in fact I don't recall ever requesting to have any of my posts deleted.

7.) I am the only one posting under the antifascist IDs listed above, and I've never posted to any of these forums or blogs using someone else's ID.

If qbranch has discovered anything "wierd" it must include the fact that I do not seem to fit his profile of a disinformer. Also, I find it odd that he does not directly discuss any of the alleged "disinformation" on his own blog, except for what little may have been included under his first post.

To which AntiFascist added later...

To clear up some more confusion from qbranch in his latest post to :

The name antifascist is not that uncommon. I had to register as antifascist2005 at dailykos because the name was already taken, and I also have to logon to blogspot as antifascist2005 for the same reason, although my displayed name can still appear without the "2005". is apparently controlled by someone using the name "collars_down" who I have no association with.

As for whether or not I qualify by definition as a member of qbranch's "hive," I really could care less, as long as he continues to admit that it means nothing with respect to Bozo's alleged FBI investigation. Really, if qbranch wants to put his "hive theory" to much more constructive use he should study the "hive" at DU, he might learn something about the Democratic party and the apparent rift between the DLC and progressives.

Bozo's Entries on The Naughty List

Sad to say that research has turned up the fact that Bozo has gotten himself written up by Santa and the elves on The Naughty List and unless he changes his ways will end up with coal in his stocking next Christmas. To help him out we are publishing a list of his misdeeds with the hope that he'll see the light. Here's praying...

I. Repeated acts of obstinate mis- and disinformation: Principle = Repeat an illogical statement or even an outright lie ad nauseum and hope that someone falls for it.

to be continued...

Monday, February 14, 2005

John Dean or Bozos not4 Bush

John Dean [AKA Bozo] sounds alot like these people...
Some of the more vicious conservatives bordering on freeper!

Several of them believe all other parties are communist and that fascism is neccesary. Here are some more interesting wetworks

After they had repeatedly attacked eowyn of rohan, Bozo/J.D finally convinced someone she must be a jew. Many of these people think Jews are evil think no matter what anyone says. Oh yeah you can find all the DU posts of his by searching

John already struck again at making Joseph Cannon finally cave and believe his rantings.