Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mr John Dean, I have a better proposal for you. Perhaps you will read it?

[JamBoi note: I edited this note from Andy Sornell a bit for clarity's sake.]

Andy writes:

John Dean of the locksmith association who decides to attack whoever he can that might be up to some actual good in his twisted version of the world.

Read all the interesting confrontations you and your gang have engaged in, and that everyone has seen, over the course of this whole event. wrote:
"I want you to email me your phone number, and I will call you tomorrow night. We'll chat about both old times and the future, and see if you can convince me that you're really a nice guy, regardless of the absurd amount of evidence that you're a no good piece of crap who works for RepubliCONs." wrote:
"We know everything and we are every where. Randy Tate and Mel Gibson wants you to confess your sins and stop spreading disinformation.

"Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." [Matthew 21:21-22] "" wrote:
"This is what we will do:" St. Francis said, "We will make a pact between you and the people of the town. They will give you your food every day so long as you live. I know, Brother Wolf, that it was due to hunger and greed that you did all this mischief throughout these years. But now you will not have to be hungry any more. Never again will you hurt man or animal-- this must be your promise. Now how shall I know that you have agreed?" wrote:
Brother Wolf stood up and put his paw in the right hand of Francis and wagged his tail. By these tokens it was understood that he consented to the bargain. Then, like a lamb, he followed the saint into the town and began his new life. The people were astounded. After some days St. Francis departed the town. The Wolf lived two years more, going from door to door for food. It hurt no one and no one hurt it, and everyone in Gubbio felt bad when it finally died." wrote:
"Andy, I would like to negotiate an exemption for you, in exchange for telling me who you are working for, and who your allies are. I need screen names at various internet sites. I need the name of who is leading your effort. You seem like an OK guy, who maybe just got mixed up in something. Come clean. People are well aware, at this stage, of your group and what it has been doing - but it is not too late for you. At least not yet. Jeff Fisher now knows the truth about your group. The FBI is now involved in it as well. Time is very short. I urge you to take this opportunity, while you have time. I will not be able to extend this offer to you a second time, because frankly, things are moving very fast and not all under my control. "

John Dean these are quite the interesting paragraphs you and your buddies have written and thereby clearly demonstrated who you really are. I want you all to read the words once again, so clearly that even Jovan Philyaw gets them, who you repeatedly denied having any contact with over the period of a month and were exposed as a liar.

If you so much as threaten any member of our group or team, after the proposed legal action we have taken, if you proceed to cause any more of it and engage in manipulation to try to paint yourself as the good guy and all of us the bad- you will reap your own rewards.

We are not going to stand to be threatened or persecuted whatsoever, by someone who is clearly a liar and a manipulator intent on one thing only : disrupting legitimate election fraud research efforts.

If you dare stalk anybody I know of, or anybody in the group, authorities will be notified yet again. We are not interested in countenancing your slanderous behavior whatsoever.

"and see if you can convince me
that you're really a nice guy, regardless of the absurd amount of evidence that you're a no good piece of crap who works for RepubliCONs.

You need to look in the mirror, John Dean. That tactic of misdirection doesn't work here. We know who you really are and that you work for the enemy as a freelancer. If you do not dis-continue stalking or harassing, asking for people's phone numbers, trying to break in and steal files, trying to twist the story in whatever way is neccesary to cover the behind of your friends......You will find the true meaning of dischord.

We will not engage you if you do not engage us, otherwise, the challenge is welcomed. In fact if you hadn't noticed your platoon of followers caught up in your game, (which briefly included Joe Cannon, and Wayne Madsen,) has started to wise up to your true intentions. They don't believe your psychotic babble.

We sometimes have problems in our research, but that has never meant we were part of a disinformation scam (as you seem to be). Mistakes by untrained volunteer researchers may make us easy targets for someone who works for the wrong side (appearently you for instance) to to have an excuse to target and attack us. We're not worried because real Patriots are supplying information that will bring your hive crumbling down. We know the entire time the enemy has been trying to make US to be the enemy, because they don't like what's going on. You will not succeed. One by one, the public will awaken to the facts.

The fact is that no-good hoodlums, and those who even associate themselves with the likes of st_francis should not be trusted and dare I say should not be allowed out of their prison cells are loose in our society. I have seen some disgusting comments from you and your friends, and I know about the kind of personality you really have. Do not rock the boat, Dean of the southern Central Valley California. In America we have the right to free speech and no one, least of all you with your pathetic attempts will succeed in taking our constitutional rights away.

And we will hold that right on the internet, whether what we publish upsets you or not, especially when it isn't disinformation. like the crazy crapola you churn out.
Andy Sornell


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