Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Bozo Adds Criminal Acts to his Naughty List.: An Innocent is Threatened

Bozo, AKA John Dean (of Arleta?), California is guilty of many instances of spying on other people and invasive, privacy destroying disruption tactics. He apparently has an affinity for outing people's real identity, and also actively pursuing them.

What did "BozosforBush" do yesterday, Feb 28th to the innocent drwhosits?

Note that drwhosits is completely innocent and has really not even been involved in investigative work vs. the Election Fraudsters. Why drwhosits would be targeted by wack Bozo, is a mystery.

1. At 3PM PST, email was received in http://groups.yahoo.com/group/showdownroom about John Dean (AKA Bozo) outing drwhosits. Since the mod has deleted the message from the archive, here's the text:

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 21:14:26 -0000

Subject: [showdownroom] [deleted name], let the fireworks begin!

It comes to an end this week, Doctorwhosits!


2. Directly after that, innocent people (who were not even drwhosits!!!) were phoned and threats were carried out regarding drwhosits posts and a package was physically delivered to these people (who were not even drwhosits!!!). This is a way of John Dean saying "I think I know where you live" and amounts to illegal intimidation behavior.

3. At 4:58 PST, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/exposingthefourthreich/ became unavailable. No one logged in, not even the owner could access the Files, Message Archive, or Links. There were various messages saying the Database had been interrupted. Not even the owner could access any of the website between 5:56 PM and 6:05 PM.

4. Today yet another threatening e-mail was recieved. which ends with the statement

Phase II of "the end" begins tomorrow night at precisely midnight, EST.

Confess your sins and repent, while you still can.


What a wack! And now he's proven to be criminally threatening as well. The authorities are now being alerted as to his criminal behavior. Maybe the psychiatrists can straighten him out. In California there is a law that covers people who are a danger to themselves or others. Maybe Bozo's family will end up needing to check him in for a visit to the funny farm.

And by the way, for someone who professes to not even believe in God, Bozo sure spends a LOT of time damning people to hell and calling for repentence, etc. Obsessive about it as a matter of a fact. We'll have to do an index sometime of all the places where he's posted some obnoxious abusive religious statement on the Web.


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