Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bozo on the Couch: Bozo Psycho-Analysis

I have met someone with Asperger's Syndrome before, and I have to say Bozo's behavior is quite similar. Obviously if so Bozo is rather high functioning. I read recently that there is a light form of Asberger's syndrome (don't recall the name but) maybe that is what he's got or something in that realm. The whole "can't drop a false line of reasoning"/ repetition on false charges thing that Bozo has going, his persistence of doing evil to good people is also a symptom and could be AS or Tourrets' Syndrome.

The fascination with law enforcement and the fascination with using gestapo tactics (lying, manipulating, pressuring all supposedly for "good" causes) is similar to either AS or Borderline Personality Disorder or Sociopath, or similar mental illness.

We can only hope John Dean gets help for his Disorder(s) soon. John, I've got you on the prayer list at church. Hope is on the way.



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