Monday, February 14, 2005

John Dean or Bozos not4 Bush

John Dean [AKA Bozo] sounds alot like these people...
Some of the more vicious conservatives bordering on freeper!

Several of them believe all other parties are communist and that fascism is neccesary. Here are some more interesting wetworks

After they had repeatedly attacked eowyn of rohan, Bozo/J.D finally convinced someone she must be a jew. Many of these people think Jews are evil think no matter what anyone says. Oh yeah you can find all the DU posts of his by searching

John already struck again at making Joseph Cannon finally cave and believe his rantings.


At " title="comment permalink">7:24 PM, Blogger AntiFascist said...

This is antifascist here and I thought I would clear up some of the misinformation posted or implied by qbranch at , since he seems to have "started a dialog" with me, and yet he has deleted my comment to his blog.

1.) I did not create the site, that is controlled by someone else. Sometimes the term "antifascism" is associated with communism, but I am not a communist myself, I am simply against fascism.

2.) I do not get paid for posting on any blogs or forums, but I am employed for other work which is not at all related to my political interests. I only post in my spare time, which has become less frequent lately.

3.) qbranch is correct in that I control , and I am also Antifascist at DU and at CGCS.

4.) I do participate in one of the yahoo groups that he is targeting, but I do not interact with any of the other members "face to face," nor do we have any financial interest together, which is what qbranch seems to imply in his blog and which would seem to be the primary purpose of his and Bozos' inquiry. As long as they continue to slander my ID on this point, I will continue to fight them.

5.) Since I felt that Andy Sornell's article was well-written and researched, this is why I requested that I repost it on my DailyKos site. I do not have any working relationship with Andy Sornell outside of the area of interest of his article.

6.) I do not go around "deleting my comments" from any blog or forum, in fact I don't recall ever requesting to have any of my posts deleted.

7.) I am the only one posting under the antifascist IDs listed above, and I've never posted to any of these forums or blogs using someone else's ID.

If qbranch has discovered anything "wierd" it must include the fact that I do not seem to fit his profile of a disinformer. Also, I find it odd that he does not directly discuss any of the alleged "disinformation" on his own blog, except for what little may have been included under his first post.

At " title="comment permalink">4:53 PM, Blogger AntiFascist said...

To clear up some more confusion from qbranch in his latest post to :

The name antifascist is not that uncommon. I had to register as antifascist2005 at dailykos because the name was already taken, and I also have to logon to blogspot as antifascist2005 for the same reason, although my displayed name can still appear without the "2005". is apparently controlled by someone using the name "collars_down" who I have no association with.

As for whether or not I qualify by definition as a member of qbranch's "hive," I really could care less, as long as he continues to admit that it means nothing with respect to Bozo's alleged FBI investigation. Really, if qbranch wants to put his "hive theory" to much more constructive use he should study the "hive" at DU, he might learn something about the Democratic party and the apparent rift between the DLC and progressives.


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